Stockholm Burlesque Festival

Press Images 2017

These images are for press use only for articles directly referencing the 7th International Stockholm Burlesque Festival 2017. Please do not share this link or distribute the images.

The images are available for use under a Creative Commons license:

1) Wherever used, the image must be credited with both the photographers and performers name in a legibile font close to the image.

2) The image should not be significantly altered, collaged, defaced or re-coloured.

3) The image may be used for press purposes but may not be commercially reproduced, re-sold or distributed.

Downloading the images signifies agreement to these conditions.

1) Södra Teatern (SBF 2015) - Image: John-Paul Bichard

2) Nalen Ballroom (SBF 2015) - Image: John-Paul Bichard

3) Chris Harder - Image: John-Paul Bichard

4) Kitten N'Lou - Image: John-Paul Bichard

5) Lou Henry Hoover: John-Paul Bichard

6) Chris Harder - Image: John-Paul Bichard

7) The producers - Image: John-Paul Bichard

8) Fräulein Frauke - Image: John-Paul Bichard

9) Line Up 2016 - Image: John-Paul Bichard

10) Joe Black (compere) - Image: Ayesha Hussain

11) Kitten N'Lou - Imge: Eli Schmidt

12) SBF 2017 banner

A Fräulein Frauke and John-Paul Bichard Production 2017

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