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You will need the Quicktime movie plug-in to view these works which you can download here.

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[vidIO] is a series of works that start with mobile phone video sketches:, a casual but efficient means of scraping up everday detritis that would otherwise be illusive, impractical or messy. The resultant constructions arise out of an interest in these scrapings, in structuralism, situationist film-making, lo-fi technology, minimalism and video games, in no particular order. The works aren't planned and i have no idea what they will become until the point when i decide that they should be uploaded. The only constraints (until they change) are that the clips should be 35 seconds long and that the constructions conform to a grid.

Stockholm Story #001 Pinball 2005 [600k]
Stockholm Story #002 Tunnel Song [3MB]
Stockholm Story #003 Bus Song [2.5MB]
Stockholm Story #004 Disrupted Symbol [7MB]
Stockholm Story #005 Lucia [6MB]