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WARNING - if you are using headphones whilst playing please

ensure the sound level is low - the sniper rifle shots are loud.

John Paul Bichard 2002. All rights reserved.

Best Viewed at 1024x768 on Explorer or Navigator version 4+

Mac or PC with a 3D graphics card @ 32 bit colour.

Lone Wolf requires the Shockwave plug-in

you can download it by clicking here.

If you are having problems installing shockwave 8.5 you can

remove your old version using the uninstaller(PC) here.

then re-install by clicking here.

Tips and Info

1. Stay still when you start - look around and use your rifle ( 3 key )

2. If you are running low on health - use a Bandage ( B key )

3. Bunker door plus carefully positioned gas cylinder plus.......

4. You can pick up the gas cylinder by walking up to it and holding down the Space Bar.

5. Try to avoid the APV ( Armoured Personnel Vehicle ) - it has a heavy machine gun on board.

6. If you find the cursor comes to the edge of the screen either twist back or use the A and D keys.

Play the Lone Wolf demo by clicking here

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