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Neighbourhood Games is funded by Proboscis as part of the Social Tapestries research programme http://socialtapestries.net


Since 2003, I have worked with Giles Lane, Alice Angus and Nick West as one of the core Urban Tapestries team. Partnered by the London School of Economics, Hewlett Packard Labs, Orange and France Telecom, the project has explored ways in which the public can re-define and explore their urban surroundings through their histories and experiences using mobile technologies. Several prototypes, and their associated trials, ethnographic studies and individual research has led to a rich ongoing resource that has been expanded into Social Tapestries.

Urban Tapestries is a Proboscis project exploring social and cultural uses of the convergence of place and mobile technologies through transdisciplinary research. To help model emerging social and cultural behaviours we built an experimental platform to allow people to author and access place-based content (text, audio and pictures). It has become a framework for exploring and sharing experience and knowledge, for leaving and annotating ephemeral traces of peoples’ presence in the geography of the city.

Neighbourhood Games is funded by Proboscis through Social Tapestries.


Interactive Institute Mobility Studio
Liselott Brunnberg and Professor Oskar Juhlin of the mobility studio, have, since 2003, been working on and evaluating research prototypes for kid's mobile gaming devices in the back seats of cars with their Backseat Games projects. After a brief meeting in Stockholm in October 2004, we decided to work together on Backseat Playground. The project brings together Liselott and Oskar's sociological research and experience gathered from developing and evaluating the first two prototypes; a shared obsession for turning the world into a playground and my experience with mapping databases, interfaces and games design.

The purpose of the project is to design and implement a game prototype that enables kids/big kids traveling in the back seat of cars to enjoy a rich gaming experience where narrative episodes and embedded gameplay combine with the experience of traveling through the road network. The game and game story will be designed to be meaningful even when the tempo and order of the journey changes...


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