John Paul Bichard

[works 2000-08]


Works from The start of the new millenium up until 2008.

1. Artworks
My Violencia and Evidencia series looking at notions of fictional violence, digital gaming and stortytelling. These works were shown in Portugal, Spain, America, Sweden and the UK.

2. Online Games (Liquid Idea)
Online games development, including mini-games for Southpark the movie, Pokemon and the launch of Grand Theft Auto 2 with one of the first viral marketing campaigns.

3. Games Research (Interactive Institute Stockholm)
Interference, Crash, Backseat Playground and Traveur, next generation games that crossed the boundary between the digital world and real world: as writer, designer and creative director.



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Armchair, three shots - Oct 2008
A shot-up armchair, TV playing endlessly and traces of a person
Third Inverse Forensics piece,

[art of game] Art of War
parts 4b & 4c
Documentary war footage from the heart of Stockholm
- installation

Severed Hand - Aug 2007
A waxwork of the artist's hand
severed in the position of holding a computer mouse.


Inverse Forensics - Aug 2007
Videogame performance with dancer Mira Mutka plus a severed hand and 3 litres of stage blood - part of Game Art

  Condition Red - August 2004-
3D FPS game for the ISEA ferry in the Baltic Sea. You have three minutes to blow up the ferry...
The White Room - Oct-Nov 2004
In-game photoshoot for the group show 'House in the Middle' curated by Gordon MacDonald for Photoworks.

  Skybox #001 - June 2003
Skybox taken from Staying in to Play and exhibited at the Variablemedia VM.01 group show..
Evidencia #001 - Sept-Oct 2004
Installation and photo prints that play on a hybrid space - part crime scene, part video game space made real...
  Staying in to Play - June 2003
90 day 3D online game rsidency that was updated daily at
Evidencia #000 - Jun-Jul 2003 (2004)
Game level made real or bloody crime scene? The prequel to the Evidencia series of artworks.
Warning very bloody!
  Lone Wolf - 2002
Alpha demo of 3D First Person Shooter game project set in 80s East Germany
Interference - 2008
Creative Director wrtier and co-designer wiith Annika Waern. Game involved actors, digital technologies and location based services over 20 stagings.
  This Side of Infinity - 2002
interactive work for the Gordon MacDonald show 'It's Wrong to Wish on Space Hardware' .
Backseat Playground - 2004 - ongoing
Mobile games research project at the Interactive Institute in Stockholm
No longer supported by TII
  ICOLS - [my page] - Ongoing
International Corp. of Lost Structures - group of artists from around the globe who regularly contribute.
Urban Tapestries - 2002 -2004
founding member of the urban tapestries research team - public authoring project.
  Digital Games - early 2000s
here are all my online games and a few of the better shockwave projects from 1998 onwards